Sheppard Memorial Library: About

Locations & Hours

Main Library/Children's Library:
530 Evans Street
Greenville, NC 27858
Monday - Thursday: 9 am - 7 pm
Friday: 9 am - 5 pm
Saturday: 9 am - 2 pm

Main Library: 252.329.4580
Children's Library: 252.329.4581

Carver Branch Library:
618 W. 14th Avenue
Greenville, NC 27834
Monday - Thursday: 9 am - 6 pm
Friday: 9 am - 5 pm

East Branch Library:
2000 Cedar Lane
Greenville, NC 27858
Monday - Thursday: 9 am - 6 pm
Friday: 9 am - 5 pm

Blount (Bethel) Branch Library:
201 Ives Street
Bethel, NC 27812
Tuesday - Thursday: 1 pm - 5 pm
*Curbside Pickup available during open hours

Winterville Public Library:
2613 Railroad Street
Winterville, NC 28590
Monday - Thursday: 9 am - 6 pm
Friday: 9 am - 5 pm
Saturday: 1 pm - 5 pm

SML's History

The Sheppard Memorial Library system is composed of a main library, four branches and a bookmobile.  It is the countywide library system for all of Pitt County as well as the City of Greenville.  The main library was opened to the public on October 15, 1930.  The library was built with a $60,000 grant from Harper Donelson Sheppard, a Pitt County native and businessman who lived in Hanover Pennsylvania.  The main library was named in honor of Harper Donelson Sheppard's father William Henry Haywood Sheppard.  Primary funding for the public library system comes from the City of Greenville and Pitt County.  Other significant funding sources are the State of North Carolina and the towns of Bethel and Winterville. 

SML's Vision and Mission Statement


Sheppard Memorial Library is a reliable gateway to materials, services, and resources that serve the information, recreational, intellectual, and creative pursuits of the individual and the community. It provides a welcoming community space (both virtual and real) for the free flow of ideas and for the preservation of the community’s heritage. It is recognized throughout eastern North Carolina as significantly enhancing the economic vitality and the quality of life in the area. 



Sheppard Memorial Library promotes the joys of reading, life-long learning, creativity, and economic growth. It collects and maintains diverse, comprehensive knowledge resources which nourish enlightenment, critical thinking, literacy, and understanding throughout the region. 

In an era of consistent change, Sheppard Memorial Library offers stability and reliability to its community. 

The library’s primary mission is to provide high-interest material in a variety of formats and locations thereby allowing access and use of its collections and resources by as many individuals as possible. 

The library supports both formal and informal education endeavors of persons in the community. It particularly supports reading and learning for children and assisting students in meeting objectives established during formal courses of study. 

The library aggressively seeks to add to the knowledge infrastructure of Pitt County in order to support the vitality of the future knowledge-based economy. In this way it contributes to the economic development of the community. 

The library’s staff is composed of highly effective information specialists who assist library users in locating authoritative, timely, non-biased information among the myriad of possible sources. They aid persons in finding answers to everyday problems as well as issues that move beyond facts and data to knowledge and enlightenment. 

Recognizing the need to remain current with the times, Sheppard Memorial Library regularly reviews its mission to ensure that the System is providing maximum benefit to its service area.

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